Ayre Manor
Ayre Manor

Welcome to Ayre Manor, a place to meet old friends and make new ones. Now is a time to relax in comfort and safety and enjoy what each day at Ayre Manor offers: fun, companionship and independence in a truly supportive environment. Enjoy life to its fullest!

Ayre Manor offers three types of affordable and comfortable seniors’ housing: independent living, assisted living and complex care:

Independent Living Assisted Living Complex Care

Ayre Manor’s six-acre property is within walking distance of downtown Sooke, a coastal community known for its friendly folks, beautiful scenery, unique history and wonderful restaurants, services and shops.

Owned by the Sooke Elderly Citizens' Housing Society (SECHS), a local non-profit charitable society formed by the Old Age Pensioners Organization in 1968, the new Ayre Manor is considered to be state of the art in design.

Ayre Manor is supported by Island Health, BC Housing, and the District of Sooke in partnership with Sooke Elderly Citizens' Housing Society (SECHS). Ayre Manor opened in July 2008.

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Our logo, the Great Blue Heron is a majestic bird who teaches us the wisdom of standing still, waiting patiently, while what we need comes to us. Allow the dignity of the Great Heron to inspire you: practice walking with assurance and deliberation, taking your time and refusing to be hurried.

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Ayre Manor

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