November 2020
Building Gazebos!

A short time ago, Sandy Pednault at Ayre Manor contacted Neil Flynn of the Rotary Club of Sooke about creating an outdoor meeting space for our residents and staff. Neil met with Sandy, Kerry, Steve and Larry to kick around some ideas. They looked at locations and talked about possible solutions. The goal was to create an environment where residents can safely meet with family and friends within Island Health guidelines. With the current restrictions, it is difficult for residents to meet with guests. As a result, residents can face isolation, loneliness and depression.

Additional uses for a space could include staff meetings, residents-to-staff sessions, outdoor resting areas and more. Through considerable thought and consultations, the plan evolved into a pair of gazebos that could safely host as many as four small groups at a time or, under the right conditions, one or two larger groups. In the future, these spaces could be used for training workshops, programs and many other functions.

Each gazebo will be about 100 square feet (10 square meters) with solid, weatherproof roofs and optional removable vinyl walls for seasonal use. They are to be wheelchair accessible and located a short distance from the front doors. Construction begins in December with completion in January.

We would like to thank the Rotary Club of Sooke, Anderson Contracting Ltd. and Butler Concrete and Aggregate Ltd. for support building the project through means of materials and services.